Student Consultation For Proposed Operational Changes – Survey Link

Asalaamu Alaikum Dear Students,   

Dont’t worry – I have not forgotten about you.  Yes, I am running a little late in getting this link out to you. Please find the survey link below.

Also, please take a moment to have a look around this blog that I have just started.  I would love to have some student writers contribute to it as well.  For example, I would be happy for a student to write a reflection on the daily story we here after Zuhr (I have written an introduction / reflection on yesterday’s story as an example).  I will also like to add any stories from your life experiences and any ideas that you have for improving the school.  Don’t be shy – I want to hear from you.   All you need to do is email me.

SURVEY LINK.  The survey closes on Thursday 9th August.

2019 Calendar proposals document that explains the calendar options in the survey

Video explaining these proposals.  I strongly recommend that you watch this video prior to completing the survey in case you were unable to attend the Parent Consultation sessions.  The day structure options are included 16min into the video presentation.

Video Time stamps:
 – Proposal 1 (Revised school bell timings) – 2:50
 – Story of The Bowl of Milk – 5:23
 – Day structure option summaries 16:07
 – Proposal 2 (Revised School Calendar)- 17:50
 – Next steps – 23:13
I look forward to receiving your responses and sharing the survey results with you.
Fazeel Arain

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