The Foundation of Al Siraat – Behaviour and Akhlaaq

Al Siraat College was named by Ms Rahat Arain (co-founder).  Al Siraat means ‘the path’, and the path that is referred to in the name is the path from Learning to Akhlaaq (refinement of character).  In fact, ‘Learning to Character’ was the school’s first slogan.

Producing people of beautiful and refined character is our foundation.  This video is a talk given to secondary students after Zuhr salaah on the 28th August, 2018.  We will be using this daily time after salaah to build on this message and hopefully, get this message to the heart of students, staff and community.

The ‘Behaviour Challenge’ and realising the goal of Akhlaaq will not be achieved by policing and enforcement, but by changing the belief.  When we really believe from the heart that I have been sent in this world for the benefit of mankind, only then will we able to achieve this goal. This is a community effort, and requires all of us to play our part.

We will be sharing the daily videos on this topic with you in shaa Allah.