Throw Away The Script

Well done girls!

A few weeks ago Mitch and I had the opportunity to coach some of our incredibly talented students before their speeches at Parliament House.  It was for an event organised by National Council of Women Victoria on the topic of gender equality in leadership positions and I could see that our students were very well prepared.

The only recommendation we had left to give our students was throw away the script. Indeed, we can read a polished speech from a beautifully written piece, however, this does not have the same impact as when we talk without the use of any notes. Why?  Because when we talk without any aids or notes, we talk from the heart.  The talk of the heart effects the hearts.

Our community would be proud to know that our students infused their talks with examples from the Mother-of-the-Beleivers Khadijah (R.A.) as well as using our own Al Siraat College leadership team.  I was particularly happy to hear that the students shared the Islamic perspective that men and women are equal in the eyes of Allah (S.W.T.) except in piety and righteousness, as Rasulullah (S.A.W.) reminds us in his final sermon.

We are very proud of our students, Fatima, Hafsa, Sondos, Naziihah and Aisha for representing the Al Siraat College community at the Parliament House.  I would also like to acknowledge the efforts of Ms. Gulhan in supporting our students in their preparation for this event.  More details can be found in the newsletter link here:



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